Gandy Dancers
Work Crew at lunch  
Spring, 1999: Gandy dancers laying track for first mainline loop

August, 2003: Lunchtime for the hard-working crew!
Ray & Jack on Ballast Train  
December, 2003:  Ray & Jack on the ballast train
make the inaugural run over Platte Canyon Bridge!
A little Colorado snow couldn't stop the hard-working crew from
finishing the track ballasting for the High Turntable Lead.

September, 2002:  Norm placing fill dirt for the South Bridge berm.
He and his tractor save a lot of shovel and wheelbarrow work!
  New North Trackage
Workers install stringers
August, 2003:  New North Area Trackage
Ready for ballast!  In the background are the new parallel trestle and switch.

April, 2003: Clark, Ray, Brian and Ron install stringers on new south trestle.
Curving the stringers was a challenge, but the trestle has turned out first-class!

  Gandy Dancers Ballasting
Track Panel Crew    
August, 2003:  Gandy Dancers
Brian, Ed and Clark ballasting the new track on the north area.

August, 2003:  Track Panel Construction Crew
Don, Al, and Matt build track panels for the track expansion project.  
3 Grade Crossings  
October, 2003:  Completion of All Three North Grade Crossings
A great deal of manual labor and shovel work was
needed in the construction of these grade crossings.

Trestle Repair Crew (L. to R. Doc, Norm & Clark)
The finishing touches are put on some minor trestle repair while
Jim takes passengers Ruth and Doris through.