Panarama View of Rocky Mountain Rails Tracksite
August, 2007

Group Photo from Golden Spike Ceremony, 8 April 2000
Jim at South Curve
Group photo taken at Golden Spike Ceremony
First Club Run Day, 8 April 2000

Annual Meet, August 2004
Jim pulls a load of passengers around the South Curve

Jack & Corky
Lowell & Linda on Brian's Switcher

September, 2004
Jack & Corky pose with their electric switcher
    Brian on trestle
Member Aaron crosses the trestle on Bob's Great Northern
Brian crosses the trestle, heading
for Platte Canyon Bridge

Member Aaron pulling a passenger train across the
 trestle on Bob's Great Northern

Clark hauling passengers
Bob & Ben on the mainline
Clark hauling passengers on the mainline

Bob & Ben "Highballing" on the South Curve
Don & Virginia
Don & Virginia pose with their steamer,
as they move out on the mainline

Bill readies his locomotive on the steamup bay

Lee pilots his unique steam switcher locomotive

Ross & Ruth cross the trestle on their nearly complete locomotive.
Wonder what railroad they've picked for the color scheme?

Wood & Brother
Ed & family
September 2004
Norm & brother take in the scenery on the mainline

Annual Meet, August 2004
Ed & grandchildren take a tour of the mainline
Kids on trestle
Double Head posing
A group of youngsters pause for a photo on the trestle.
A beautiful blue sky day in Colorado!

Al and Eric connect for a double-head
passenger hauling trip on the mainline

Al and Matt hold the title of
"Strangest Doublehead at Rocky Mountain Rails"!
Brian waits patiently in the background

Bob hauls a passenger train with his Great Northern

McComas family on trestle
Annual Meet, August 2003
The McComas family pose with their trains

Mike & Family on their Rist Canyon Electric

John & Family pose for a family photo

Clouds may appear, but the picnic goes on!
MC's Pavillion provides us with protection from the rain.
Lee with his new electric
Al & Shirley
January 2004
Lee makes the first trip around with his new electric locomotive.
A flawless performance for this little engine!

Annual Meet, August 2004
Al stokes the fire while Shirley performs conductor duties
on their beautiful American steam locomotive.