Railroad Club Links

Discovery Live Steam Website

Live Steam & Diesel Model Railroading. The ‘go to’ site for information, equipment sales, and manufactures of riding scale equipment.

Colorado Live Steamers

Colorado Live Steamers located in Byers, CO.

Train Mountain

Lots of information and photos on this large club in Chiloquin, Oregon.

Steaming Priest

Another central clearing house site for the model railroad hobby.  Includes an on-line store, classified ads, alphabetical list of suppliers and more.

Jim O'Connor's Website

A website with a variety of information.  Includes a comprehensive club listing by state, technical articles, and classified ads.

Denver Rails

A website with photos and information on railroads around Denver and the west.  Also includes a database of railroads throughout the United States.  Lots good information!

Los Angeles Live Steamers

Located in Griffith Park, the Los Angeles Live Steamers have a very interesting website.  The website contains maps, tracksite layouts, run days and lots of information about this very large club.

International Railway Links

A website containing links to railroad clubs and many other railroad activities all over the world.  Lots to explore in this site.



Riverside Live Steamers

Located in Riverside, CA, this live steam club only allows live steam locomotives. They also operate for the public twice a month.



Orange County Model Engineers

Located in Orange County, CA, this club opens to the public once a month. 



Maricopa Live Steamers

Located in Maricopa, AZ (near Phoenix). Open to the public every Sunday during the winter months. This club also holds annual operations days.  



Links to Railroad Hobby and Tool Suppliers

A & K Enterprises

Located in Newhall, California, they are suppliers of a multitude of products and components for live steam locomotives, including quality pipe fittings, all types of valves, water level gauges, propane and oil burners, Model Engineer taps & dies, lubricators, etc., up to fully finished locomotives.


Allen Models of Michigan

Live steam supplier of cast parts of steam locomotives.

Backyard Train Company

Colorado manufacturer of backyard riding trains and riding train accessories.  Specializing in 1” scale on 4¾“ gauge, and 1.5”/1.6” scales on 7 ½” or 7 ¼” gauge equipment.

Branchline Products

Coloradan Jeff Smith's supplier website and links.


Supplier of 1/8 scale locomotives, railroad cars and accessories.

Coles’ Power Models

This is the Coles’ that was formerly in Ventura, CA.  Now located in Texas and owned by a former supplier to Coles’.


A large, nationwide supplier of machine tools, hand tools, mill & lathe cutters, drill bits, metals, and more.

Godshall’s Custom Machining

Supplier of 1½” scale locomotives, cars and accessories.


Harbor Freight

Supplier of discounted and surplus hand tools, machine tools, cutters, drill bits, hardware and more.

Little Engines

Supplier of 1.5” and 2.5” scales of steam locomotives and accessories.


Lost & Foundry

Spokane, Washington suppliers of propane foundry furnaces, kits and supplies.



McMaster Carr

A large, nationwide supplier to many industries.  They sell almost anything!

Midwest Train Works

Supplier of 1" gauge locomotives and rolling stock.  Midwest Train Works has taken over the Decho Scale Model Inc. product line and also offers Britton Scale Model equipment.

Miracle Railroad Products

Supplier of decal sets for railroad cars and engines.

Mountain Car Company

Supplier of 1/8 scale railroad cars, trucks and parts, wheel sets, and accessories.

MSC Industrial Supply Company

A large supplier of machine tools, hand tools, mill & lathe cutters, drill bits, metals, and more.

Plum Cove Studios

Suppliers of the "Phlatt" and "Phridge" cars, plus trucks, and an entry level box cab battery engine.

Railroad Supply Corporation

Supplier of 1/8 scale locomotives, railroad cars, and accessories.

Railroad Warehouse

Supplier of 1½” scale locomotives, cars and accessories.


Rail Rider Supply

Offering Fairmont Speeders, riding cars and accessories in 7 ½, 7 ¼ inch gauges.

Rail Systems Company

Supplier of 1/8 scale locomotives, railroad cars, flat bar track and accessories.

Real Trains

Supplier of 1/8 and larger scale locomotives and parts, railroad cars, trucks, rail and hardware, wheels and model fasteners.

Ridge Locomotive Works

Marty Knox offers the Live Steamer complete boiler services: Design, Build, Inspect, and Repair.

RMI Railworks

Supplier of 1/8 scale locomotives, railroad cars, electronics, and sound systems.

Roll Models, Inc.

Fresno, California suppliers of locomotives, railcars and accessories.

Links to Railroad Hobby Publications and Periodicals

Live Steam Magazine

Website for Live Steam Magazine.


Website for 7+Railroader Magazine

Garden Railways Magazine

Garden Railways Magazine