Incorporated in Colorado, 1998


Rocky Mountain Rails is a private, nonprofit club dedicated to building and operating an outdoor, riding model railroad.  Our members have varied hobby interests and skills, even beyond railroading, which makes belonging to our organization fun and educational.  As a club, we enjoy many activities at our tracksite including run days, work days, pot lucks, picnics and other social gatherings.  We welcome families of members and guests.

Rocky Mountain Rails members have unlimited usage of the club facilities all year long.  Often, our members use the tracksite as a place for a quiet picnic or just to get away from the crowds at other local recreational areas.  We have a beautiful picnic pavilion with lots of picnic tables for gatherings.  Many of our members own locomotives and riding cars, but this is not a requirement for admission to the club.

We elect officers to do the club’s bidding, and all members have a say in the operation of the club.  Our organization includes numerous committees and groups who plan and execute the different tasks needed to build, operate, and maintain a model railroad facility.  All members are encouraged to participate in the club according to each members' abilities and interests.

As a club, we practice SAFETY FIRST in all our activities.

For the Live Steamers, Rocky Mountain Rails requires a current valid boiler inspection certificate to operate a steam locomotive at our track site.  We do accept valid boiler inspection certificates from other railroad clubs.


At the present time, we have approximately 5,300 ft. of mainline trackage in operation.  Approximately one-half of the trackage is dual gauge.  Track gauges are 7 ½ in. and 4 ¾ in. and we adhere to International Brotherhood of Live Steamers (IBLS) track gauge standards.  Besides the mainline trackage, our layout includes several bridges and curved trestles (ideal for photographs), passenger loading and train parking sidings, and many working switches.  Maximum grade on the mainline is 1% and minimum curve radius is 60 ft.

The steam-up area includes a turntable, ample steam up bays, and hydraulic unloader/transfer table.  A large concrete apron adjacent to the steam-up area provides for convenient loading and unloading of equipment from nearly any type of vehicle, truck or trailer.

Structures include Al's Cook Shack, tool storage sheds, and portable toilet facilities.  Electricity is available at the steam-up area.  We do not have a potable water source on-site, so all water for human consumption must be carried in.  We do have a water tank located trackside, providing water for locomotive steam boilers.


The club has long-term plans and on-going construction to expand the tracksite into a very interesting and varied railroad. As a club, we are interested in more than just expanding our track arrangement. We strive to create a congenial atmosphere for everyone. A large open-air picnic pavilion was completed in the summer of 2004 to provide a comfortable shaded place to socialize and picnic.

The club recently voted to expand the 4 ¾ inch gauge track to be the entire current 5,300 ft. of the mainline. After this project is completed, the club will once again look into expanding into the rest of the available space. This will be a much more scenic ride and you’ll be able to lose yourself into thick populated greenery.


Our tracksite is located on a private, secluded 10-acre site in the southwest part of metropolitan Denver, Colorado, near Chatfield State Park.  The property is ideal for building a model railroad and will provide us with all the space we need for many years.

As can be seen in the photos, we are located adjacent to the scenic foothills of the majestic Rocky Mountains.  Nearby are Chatfield State Park, Waterton Canyon Nature Trail and Roxborough Park.  Camping with full hook-ups is available at Chatfield State Park.  Motels and restaurants are only a short drive from our tracksite.


Rocky Mountain Rails receives no assistance from any outside organizations.  We cover all our expenses with dues and track fees.  Current dues are set at $100 per year for Regular (full) club membership and there is a one-time track fee of $100.  We also offer remote membership at $30 per year, and “Friends of RMR” membership (newsletter subscription) at $15 per year.


We welcome the opportunity to answer your questions and provide more information about our club.  We are very proud of our tracksite and would be glad to arrange a personal tour.  In addition, we encourage you to explore more of our website where you can see photos of our tracksite and railroad operations.  To contact us via E-mail, Click Here .


Fill out our online Application Form and mail it to the club address printed on the form.  Our membership committee will review your application as soon as possible.

Come out and join the fun - We hope to hear from you!

Rocky Mountain Rails Run Days are held on the first Saturday of each month, weather permitting.